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Asked a question last year

Customising reports used to be so straight forward with export profile! Why change something that don't need fixing??? It's so clumsy to try and customise a report now!!

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I disagree, export profiles where a nightmare and not well synchronised across multiple devices. And it could only be done on a mobile device. Maybe they were more customisable than the report preferences but that's about it.

Maybe export profiles were good for very small organisations, but otherwise, report preferences are better.

Knowledge Manager

Hi there! I'm really sorry for the poor experience you've had with customising your reports. The main reasons we introduced a new reporting system in place of export profile are complexity and uniformity.

Unlike Export Profile, our Report Preference feature is simple and straight forward to interact with to customise reports, and it syncs across all platforms - instead of Export Profile's nature of device specific. You can learn more about our Report Preference feature HERE47.