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Asked a question 8 months ago

Hi, We have questions on our template where if a failed response, we ask if 'corrected on site yes / no' as a sub question . When trying to calculate this in Tableau, we're not sure how to map this sub question to the parent question. Can anyone help please?.

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Hi @Marina Derechinskaya10! Really sorry for the super late reply here.

It sounds like you have a Logic field set up for that question. In that case, the parent question and the "corrected on site" question should be connected by a smartfield item (see our API reference9), which you can use to map the connection.

Essentially the "corrected on site" question's parent is the smartfield item, and the smartfield item's parent is the main failed response question.

If this is still unclear, feel free to contact our customer support team8 for assistance!

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