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Asked a question last year

Is there any detailed document outlining when the app connects back to the server and when it just works remotely. Just doing a test on my iPad, and have set SYNC to Never, but when I do an inspection, the result appears back on the web portal. I would have expected that by setting sync=Never, it should not automatically sync the inspection until I manually request to sync.

Where am I?

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Tim L
SafetyCulture - Engineering Director

Hi Danny,

Sorry to hear that you have been having an issue.  There is a syncing troubleshooting support article here:  iAuditor mobile app syncing troubleshooting and settings | iAuditor (

If you've unable to progress your issue, please can you reach out to Support, either via the in-application chat, email (support@safetyculture.com35), or phone?

Regards, Tim.