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Samantha Colliers
Quality Control Officer
Asked a question last year

New to the iAuditor platform, coming from a system that we've been using for decades... got any best practices for how I can maximize analytics? I'm only able to look at failed items for now because that's what matters most for us, but am I missing out on something? Anyone in QA/QC, really appreciate if you'd share some insight...

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Josh Yeamans
Director, Risk Controls

Hi @Samantha Colliers46! Welcome to the SafetyCulture community. It can be challenging to know where to begin with iAuditor. As for analytics, it's really going to depend on the questions you want to answer with the data. Beyond the failed items, it's a good practice to create your templates with question and multiple choice fields, as it reduces the human error in collecting data. 

A way I look at building a template is what I'm wanting the data to tell me when I look at in 30 plus days down the road. Write these questions out then try to find a way within analytics to tell the story. If you can't ensure your template is collecting the information you need. 

Hi Samantha! Aside from using the built-in analytics tool widgets such as failed items, you can also mix and match filters to view the specific data collected using the app that you need to see. 

Feel free to check out this article60 we've prepared about the analytics tool of the app, it contains steps and videos that you can use as a guide to fully utilize this feature. Hope this helps!