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Sofia McColes
EHSQ Manager
Asked a question last year

One of my linkedin connections referred iAuditor because of how easy it was to use, and I agree but! Do you also experience that glitch when you edit a template and drag an inspection item or try to move it to a different section and it doesn't go where you want it to go right away? Nothing major, in love with the tool but it's kinda annoying sometimes. I'm already on a free trial of premium.

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Knowledge Manager

Hi @Sofia McColes26! Really glad to see you loving iAuditor 🙌🏼

As @Rae21 mentioned, it can definitely get tricky or laggy to drag items around in the template editor if there are a lot of items on a single page. To optimise performance not just for the template editor, but also inspections from the template, it's best to divide them up into separate pages.

Please let me know if this is not what you mean, or you can also contact our customer support team for assistance!

I had this same issue beforee!! I contacted their support team and they explained that it can get tricky if you have a lot of items on a single page, and they helped me to divide up the items into separeate sections then to separate pages, which helped massively! Not sure if thats what youre experiencing as well.

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