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Asked a question 8 months ago

The calendar date currently defaults to the European format - DD/MM/YYYY, is there a way to switch this to MM/DD/YYYY?

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Knowledge Manager

Hi Rachel 👋🏼

Most of iAuditor does respect the device setting for date format, and our team is working on improving this across the whole product, offering more customisation options for reports, including the ability to present data in different formats!

If you have any a particular request or ideas at all, please let us know via this LINK16 😊

Tim L
SafetyCulture - Engineering Director

Hi Rachel, 

I'd love to understand a little more just where this is occurring in iAuditor as the product is aware of different locale settings. 

Could you contact Support (support@safetyculture.com25) with some more detail, a screenshot and a reference to this post, and I'll have someone follow this issue up. 


Alternatively post some more detail here. 

Thank , Tim. 



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