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Josh Yeamans
Director, Risk Controls

Hi @Samantha Colliers40! Welcome to the SafetyCulture community. It can be challenging to know where to begin with iAuditor. As for analytics, it's really going to depend on the questions you want to answer with the data. Beyond the... (More)

Knowledge Manager

Great question @Rae28! You definitely can, using the Conducted page in Analytics, you can sort the list showing number of inspections conducted by different filters, such as the Owner, which is usually the person who creates an inspection. Once... (More)

Hi Samantha! Aside from using the built-in analytics tool widgets such as failed items, you can also mix and match filters to view the specific data collected using the app that you need to see.

Feel free to check out... (More)

Knowledge Manager

Hi @Yuming35! Sadly you are correct, this is not possible with actions or analytics right now. But it's definitely something on our team's roadmap! We would love it if you could provide feedback HERE551 on how you'd like to... (More)